New Blog…. Probably

January 24, 2009

Ok. so I have been thinking for awhile about changing to a blogger blog, so I started one and will be posting there for a few days and see what I think about it….. so feel free to stop by the new home of Our Little Miracle.




January 17, 2009

4 Little Men and Girly Twins has decided to do a random picture challenge ……… this week is the January Folder and the 8th picture.  So here it is……


This is my grandma Wanda, Emma’s great-grandma, from when we went and celebrated Christmas with them…… it was SOOO much fun and we got some great pictures!!!

Here is another one just because…… I LOVE Emma’s dress


Have fun and go join or look at everyone else’s pictures!!!



The Dukes… Momma…. and a Blankie!!

January 13, 2009

What do all of those have to do with each other??

That’s what our night was about tonight.  John, Emma and I were sitting in our living room.  Emma had eaten dinner and was sitting on the couch on her new blankie from my little sister, her aunt Becky.  She was sitting there “talking” like she ALWAYS does.  She is soooo verbal… but nothing noticeable…just babble.

John and I were eating dinner and we were all watching the Dukes of Hazard……… if you don’t know don’t ask 🙂 (I always say my husband is a 60 year-old stuck in a 25 year-olds body!!!)  However, this is the one old show that he watches that I actually can stand enjoy.  So we were sitting there and I thought I heard Emma say something……… like REAL…… but I didn’t want to get too excited.  So I kind of listened and she said it AGAIN.

So I put the show on hold and told John.  He looked at me like I was kind of nuts… but said I was probably right.  Well we talked to Emma and tried to encourage her to say it again and she did.  But this time she didn’t stop…… she said it OVER and OVER again.

I am sure you can guess, but I will say it anyway………she said………


I was so excited and so proud……… now we are working on Daddy!!!  I think she at least gets who I am talking about, because every time I say it, she looks at John.

Yeah I know we are boring……… but that’s what happens when you get married and have a kid.

Well I will leave you with a picture…….

This is Emma falling asleep tonight with her blankie her aunt Becky made for her.  It is SOOOOO CUTE and the softest thing EVER!!!


Thanks AUNT BECKY!!!

Love Ya Guys!!!!


More Christmas Fun!!!

January 8, 2009

After church on Sunday we went to see my mom’s parents, who are so sweet and so much fun!!!  We had such a relaxing and enjoyable time!!! Emma LOVED getting to spend time with her Great-Grandparents!!!  Here are some pictures from the day!!!

Me with Grandma Wanda!!!

IMG_2722 IMG_2725 IMG_2732

Playing with Grandma and Grandpa’s creepy bears that sing!!


Pawpaw trying to get me to go to sleep… there is just too much going on!!

IMG_2792 IMG_2793

My first bite of mommy’s spaghetti… it is so YUMMY!!!

IMG_2795 IMG_2796 IMG_2798 IMG_2799

Grandma Wanda’s, Grammy’s, Mommy’s and My Hands

 IMG_2801 IMG_2807

Hey, this isn’t my present…oh well, I‘ll take the paper!!

IMG_2816 IMG_2819 IMG_2820

Grandma, Grandpa, Grammie and ME!!!


Grandma, Grandpa, Grammie, Mommy and ME!!!


Ok, this is getting old….

Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy, Mommy and ME!!


Four Generations!!!!


Sweet, more paper!!!

IMG_2843 IMG_2844



Hmmmm Mommy those look YUMMY!!!


IMG_2853 IMG_2854



 IMG_2857 IMG_2862 IMG_2866

Well I guess if you are going to join in!!!

 IMG_2870 IMG_2873 IMG_2874


What is the obsession of putting things on my head???

IMG_2880 IMG_2881

I love my cute hat…… so does Grandpa!!

 IMG_2882 IMG_2883

Love you PawPaw Bert and Grandma Wanda!!! I am so glad we got to come see you and enjoy Christmas with you!!!




1st Christmas and Picture with Santa!!!

January 5, 2009

Here’s Emma and Santa for her first Christmas!!!



Christmas and Day two of my New Years Res- 0

January 2, 2009

So this Christmas has been so crazy.  It came up so fast right after Thanksgiving and it has been so busy!!  We had so much fun and are so glad we enjoyed Emma’s first Christmas!!!  It is so cute because Emma is just old enough to actually pull the paper off…. however that is what she enjoyed most out of everything she got.

We started out Christmas early at Grammie’s house with Aunt Kara, Uncle Jason and Cousin Ry!! We had so much fun and got lots of cool stuff!!!  Everyone else got spaghetti and I got stuck with my baby food… I just don’t get it there is so much yummy food around and I get goop out of a jar… oh well.  Mommy says soon I will get to eat big people stuff!!!  We had dinner and opened lots of presents!! Rybug helped me open my stuff and so did Mommy!!  I got books and some cool stacking bowls and a big table thing that makes noise!!!  Oh yeah I also got some really cute clothes!!!  I was pretty tired and a little grouchy…. my silly uncle was watching some crazy videos on youtube!!! It was lots of fun… then Mommy and Daddy left me with GRAMMIE!!!! My VERY FIRST Sleepover!!! They said the roads were bad, but I think they just wanted to be alone 🙂

So I spent Christmas Eve day with Grammie.  We did lots of fun things.  We played and napped and had lots of fun!!  Mommy was at work and apparently Daddy was just goofing off!!!  Then Grammie got me all pretty and took me to Church, where we saw Mommy and Daddy!!! I think they missed me, because they kept kissing and loving on me…. it was cute, but enough was enough.  So we sat/stood through church.  We sang lots of songs and got to here Pastor Mike preach, although he was behind some funny screen.  I think there was a point to it, but seriously I am pretty young to get that yet!!!  Mommy, Daddy and Grammie seemed to enjoy it.  I even sang along for a few songs.  Everyone was laughing at me, but I think I did  a pretty good job!!!  Then we got to see Mrs. Sarah and even Dr. Nord!!! I got my picture taken with him, he is apparently kind of special, though I am not quite sure why:)  I get my picture taken with all sorts of new people.  I don’t mind though, I know I am cute!!

After that I took a long nap in the car and when I woke up I was at Grandma and Grandpa Lundy’s house.  I am not sure how that happens, but it seems to happen quite often to me.  I walk up somewhere completely different than where I went to sleep at…. oh well I can usually count on seeing Daddy when I wake up and he makes me laugh!!!  So they had already eaten without me, again not that I got any of that good stuff, but oh well.  So this was christmas with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt LeeAnn, Uncle Dave, Cousin Lindsey, Uncle Greg and my other Uncle Jason.  Oh yeah Mommy and Daddy where there too!!  Aunt LeeAnn is REALLY loud and crazy, but we love her, I think!!  So I ate my dinner and then they set all these bags and boxes in front of me and I had to pull the paper off…. I am starting to see a pattern here!!  I had lots of fun playing with everyone!!! Especially my Uncle Jason, I think he kind of likes me!!!  I love him and Daddy says if I am nice to him maybe he will show me around Chicago when I get older!!! 🙂  I think someone forgot my present…. but he will remain nameless 🙂  After that we went to ANOTHER church service.  They told me this one we got to have candles, but I never saw them.  Hmmm maybe it had to do with me starting to “sing” again when the pastor was praying.  Mommy took me to the lobby and I played with another little girl who couldn’t sit through chuch.  Her mommy told my mommy she was “strong willed”.  I wonder if I will be that way some day….. 🙂  We then went back and had dessert, again I didn’t get any 😦  So we left really late, Grandma Lundy had already gone to bed, but that happens a lot!! I was a trooper and stayed up…. but feel asleep on the way home!!! 

I was excited to go to bed and went right to sleep when we got home.  I not sure how, but everyone kept telling me some fat old man was going to come through our fireplace.  I didn’t quite get it, but when I woke up I had lots of presents!! So who really cares how, just that it does happen!!  I think it is really cool that on Jesus’ birthday I get presents!!!  Jesus must be pretty cool to share his birthday like that, I don’t know if I would want to share my birthday, but I guess that’s what I should strive for.  Anyway, when I woke up you will never guess who was there…. GRAMMIE!!! Oh yeah and Mommy and Daddy too!!!  So they had already ate breakfast, I slept in, the night before took a lot out of me!!  So we played for awhile and we were going to bake Jesus a birthday cake, but Mommy and Grammie were busy.  So we just played and  enjoyed being together.  I got to open a few presents… I got an adorable little doll and some more clothes!!!  Then I was getting cranky and Grammie fed me and rocked me for awhile until Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jason came. 

Mommy was going to feed everyone lunch, but Uncle Jason wanted to open presents…. which I was ready for!!! I got tons of new toys.  I got baby dolls and a cool bath tub toy from Santa!!! Also, Daddy got me a really cool CAT Dumptruck!!! It was awesome, it makes noise and moves!!!!  I got more books and some DVDs.  Also, I got some more clothes, but one of them was a really cool CUBS cheerleader outfit for next summer!!! I think with me rooting them on next year could be their year!!!  Then Grammie left…. she was going to go see a movie.  G & G got me a cool jumperoo that bounces and gallops…. Mommy put it together for me with NO instructions!!! She is so smart 🙂  Uncle Jason got me a really cool book that I got to chew on and mommy didn’t freak out and a circus toy that makes noise!!  So they all stayed awhile longer and then Uncle Jason had to get back home, so he could work tomorrow!!  We said goodbye and I was ready for a nap…. you all wear me out!!!  We played a little more and got to bed.

So I thought Christmas was over, but I was wrong!!! On Sunday after Christmas we went to Morris after church.  We went to my Daddy’s uncle and aunts house for some White Elephant party.  I didn’t see a white elephant, but who knows!!!  There were LOTS of people there and everyone was loving on me and kissing on me.  Apparently I was a hit!!!  I played for awhile and then took a nap, this must have been when the white elephant came, because everyone was being loud and having lots of fun!!!  I don’t know, but when my cousin Lindsey came and got me up all I saw was a bunch of junk laying around.  Oh well, everyone seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves!!! Then Uncle Greg redeemed himself!!!  Kind of!!!  He brought my presents he had forgotten Christmas Eve.  Can you imagine forgetting your niece’s first Christmas!!! 🙂  He got me some neat stuff.  Mommy’s favorite was a pair of glass shoes with my “info” on the bottom.  My favorite was a jolly rancher… but he didn’t open it for me 😦

Then I got to sleep in my brand new carseat!!! Thanks Uncle Jason!!  Mommy did a good job picking it out and I was out in no time…. but then they woke me back up and took me in to see more people!!!  This time it was Uncle Allen, Aunt Jill, cousin Anna and Josh’s house.  They loved on me and I enjoyed playing with them.  Finally we left and I fell asleep, only to get woke up AGAIN!!!  They took me to Mommy’s favorite restaurant TURTLE’S!!!  See Daddy took Mommy to eat there on her first trip to Morris when they were dating.  She made fun of it and then LOVED the food.  So almost everytime they are in Morris they have to eat there!!!  So finally we left and I slept the whole way home!!!

Then I had my last Christmas with my Pawpaw Stewart and Patty.  We did that on Tuesday after I went to school!!!  We had lots of fun and I again didn’t get to eat any of the food 😦  I got even more cool presents!!!  I got a rocking horse that bounces too!!! Also, I got some really cute clothes for next year!!! 

Ok so here is the fun part…. LOTS of Pitctures!!!!

Me and Rybug


Getting our stockings


Chillin with Momma while Ry opens her presents….
Opening my presents!!!
How cute will I look in THIS!!
I am sooo sleepy!!!
Aunt Kara and Rybug got PURSES!!!
I got a BABY DOLL!!!!
Daddy and Uncle Jason being GUYS!!
I can do it!!!
Grammie has lots of fun things at her house!!!
Aren’t I cute!!!
A girl has got to NAP!!!
Off to Church with Mommy, Daddy and Grammie too!
Me and Grammie!!!
Dr. Nord!!
Off to Grandpa and Grandma’s house!!
Uncle Jason and me!!!
Uncle Jason, Uncle Greg, Cousin Lindsey and ME!!!
I LOVE Christmas Trees!!!
Grandpa, Grandma and of COURSE ME!!!
My Daddy’s favorite outfit for me!!
My FAVORITE part of ALL my gifts!!!
Me and Cousin Lindsey!!!
If I wasn’t cute, this would look RIDICULOUS!!!
Me and Uncle Jason!!
Uncle Jason, Uncle Dave, Cousin Lindsey and ME!!!
Getting ready to go to church again, I think I just want to PLAY!!!
Hmmm what’s in here???
More clothes!!!


 I am sooo cute!!! and getting a little CHUNKY!!!
Now who’s present is this Daddy???
My Size Curious GEORGE!!!
I love anything that makes noise and has fun colors!!!
A BABY!!!!
SWEET!!! SANTA IS COOL!!! Mom is kind of a dork… what’s with the bow????
Oh YEAH Just what I wanted!!!
If I could just get it in my mouth!!
Awww I LOVE my Grandpa!!!
Awww My Grammie and Grandma LOVE ME!!! 
 Thanks for my Baby Grammie!!!




Tagged… Sort of!

December 24, 2008

I was kind of tagged by Brittany .  The first seven people to make comments were tagged.  So here goes….

The Rules:
*Link to the person who tagged you.
*Share 7 random/weird facts about you.
*Tag 7 people at the end of the post, and include links to their blogs.

7 Random/ Weird Facts:

Mine are going to be more random than weird…..

1. Before dating my husband I used to find reasons to drive by his house- yes I think this is creapy now but I was young and in LOVE 🙂 and yes I have told him about it and he makes fun of me!!

2. I only wear white socks and it is a good thing because they have to be EXACT matches or I REFUSE to wear them!!

3. I would wear flip-flops ALL year if it wasn’t for the stupid snow… I don’t care what the temperature, if there isn’t snow on the ground… I think this may have to do with # 2.

4. I am not girly at all… but I LOVE to see Emma in pink and with bows!!!

5. When John and I were dating I was going to FUEL (our churches college age ministry) and the pastor spoke about intentional dating…. well the next day I asked John if he was going to marry me and if he wasn’t I wasn’t going to waste my time (we had been dating for about 2 weeks)!!

6. I HATE when people talk on their cell phones…. people have horrible manors when they are on the phone…. my husband is the worst at it!!

7. I love being a wife/mother… and I love watching old married couples and hope we will make it that long!!

Ok I am Tagging some of the blogs I read:

1. Amanda and Chris – Amanda is an IRL friend who I have known since High School!! She is so much fun!!!

2. Angie – I LOVE reading her blog as she is always inspiring and her husband is part of Selah!!

3. Kristy – Is one of my FAVORITE blogs to read.  I started reading her blog half way through my pregnancy with Emma and she made me so grateful for Little E.  She was in the middle of her pregnancy with Asher and now she is pregnant with baby # 5!!! I am so excited for her and praying that she allows herself to get excited about it too!!!  PS- I think it is a little girl… just a thought 🙂

4. Marie – I started reading her blog from Kristy’s and absolutley love it!!! Little Josiah says the funniest things and she is always so open.  Plus, Emma just won some bows that she makes!!! 🙂

5. Liz – Is such a fun mom to read about… she has two adorable little boys!!! I just recently started reading, but really enjoy it!!

6. MckMama – I started reading and praying for her and Stellan!! She has the most amazing story and it is awesome to read her blog!!! Plus she is the famous NOT ME mommy… or should it be infamous 🙂

7. Susie – Is the mom to two beautiful little children…. and One on the way.  I LOVE reading her blog and it is the only one I read all the time who doesn’t live in the US…. Oceana is one of the CUTEST little girls I have ever seen.  Plus she has an amazing little boy, who is now in heaven, but beat some amazing odds!!!